About Qatar Vet Center

Since its inception in 2006, Qatar Vet Center has concentrated on providing the best possible care to its clients, patients and customers. Bringing our range of quality pet foods supplies and accessories to your door is one more way in which we can make having a pet easier. Traffic can be a challenge and your free time is precious so why not let us do the driving? qvcpetshop has been created to provide quick, free delivery access to all our lines of food and gradually add our stable of accessories, with a range and options that will increase as time goes by.

At Qatar Veterinary Center we are 100% committed to our community, both the animal and human variety. We strive to provide top quality care, with outstanding and friendly service. We are all here to help, to listen, to advise and to understand. Our professionally qualified and highly experienced vets, nurses and international transport staff offer an extensive range of Veterinary services and friendly advice to ensure that your pet receives the very best treatment and care. This, together with investment in the latest equipment, sets us apart in the provision of quality Veterinary care in the Middle East.